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Psych-O-Therapy Aotearoa: New Zealand psychotherapists tell their stories, by Roy Bowden

Psych-O-Therapy Aotearoa: New Zealand psychotherapists tell their stories

This important book takes the reader on a rarely-seen journey into the world of the psychotherapist. The author, Roy Bowden, talked at length with his colleagues, and seventy-six of them shared insights into their personal lives, the way they made decisions to become psychotherapists, the training which informed their practice, and their experiences in the professional environment. Roy is a former president of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists Te Ropu Whakaora Hinengaro (NZAP).
Pluralism in Psychotherapy by Keith Tudor

Pluralism in Psychotherapy

Pluralism in Psychotherapy chronicles the history of the moves towards the statutory regulation of psychotherapy and the state registration of psychotherapists in Aotearoa New Zealand.
ISBN: 9781877431791
PB. 406 pp. 230x160. Illus. Mono.
The Book of Evan by Keith Tudor

The Book of Evan

This is a book about Evan McAra Sherrard (1934-2015), prominent in the practice, professions and organisation of transactional analysis, psychodrama, psychotherapy, and counselling in New Zealand.
ISBN: 9781877431784
PB. 448 pp. 230x160. Illus. Mono.

Smash Asthma: the wisdom of wheezing

Smash Asthma

by Dr Peter Parkinson
PB. 224 pp. 217x150. Illus. Mono.
He describes his experience with asthmatics and the effect of trauma and adrenaline in this widespread condition. Whether you are an asthmatic, a friend or family member of one, treating an asthmatic, Smash Asthma opens a vital new perspective in the understanding of asthma and the way forward to potential thriving health. It's a very easy and informative read.

Hazardous Waters: The enterprising life of the good merchant James Reddy Clendon in early New Zealand

Hazardous Waters

by Barbara Gawith
PB. 256 pp. 220x156. Illus. Mono.
The life of the trader, merchant and US Consul James Reddy Clendon in the Bay of Islands in early New Zealand.
Framing the World: The Life and Art of Augustus Earle by Paul Moon

Framing the World

by Paul Moon
PB. 496 pp. 220x156. Full colour
Widely travelled, the art of Augustuis Earle commented on the early times of Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and elsewhere.
Tales from the Crypt by Matthew Gray

Tales from the Crypt

by Matthew Gray
HB. 176pp. 297x168. Illus. Full colour.
This splendid book explores the life of 75 Auckland personalities through their headstones in Auckland cemeteries. Its title is that of his much loved column of the same name in Auckland's Western Leader.
The McGill Handbook for Sports Coaches: Skill Analysis and Instruction. Dr Lewis J. O. McGill

The McGill Handbook for Sports Coaches

by Dr Lewis J. O. McGill
PB. 204pp 260x210. Illus. Mono
This book provides professional, practical guidelines to help you become a more effective coach. Incl. Coach mentoring.
Henderson's Mill

Henderson's Mill

by Anthony G. Flude
HB. 240pp. 170x210 Illus. Mono.  2nd Edition.
How a humble timber mill became today's Henderson in West Auckland. Starting in 1844, this is the story of the mill, its people, businesses and places until WWII.
Listing Secrets

Listing Secrets

by Kenzia Bradstone
PB. 64 pp. 220x156mm. Mono.
A common truth is that, as a Real Estate agent, you spend considerable effort looking for new listings because they are the lifeblood to success. Quite simply, this book will help.
Pacific Journey: A Celebration

Pacific Journey: A Celebration

by Valerie Hunton
HB. 132pp. 250x250. Illus Full colour.
The renowned NZ/Pacific artist celebrates her creative life in the Marshall Islands, in Micronesia and then in Fiji. In it she weaves her experiences with the voices of the Pacific people she met, the land and its history and the painting works that emerged along the journey.
The Bridge: From Tonga to Aotearoa

The Bridge: From Tonga to Aotearoa

Koe Halafakakavakava: Mei Tonga ki 'Aotealoa
by Peter Tupou / Petelo Ng H K O Tupou
HB. 72pp. 220x145. Illus. Mono. In English & Tongan
Peter/Petelo speaks for those from the Pacific who have left their islands and settled in New Zealand. The poems and illustrations in this book are the poems and visual space of Tonga and its people.
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