Brent Wong Prints
Instantly recognisable, Brent Wong's body of work has been rightly described as 'surrealist', 'realist' and 'visionary'. His paintings are a rich canvas of colour and symbols expressed in a series of landscapes, skyscapes and seascapes, all with an impressive technical mastery of the medium.
His works have been in the forefront of iconic New Zealand painting for over forty years.

Their haunted eerie quality of his works is emphasised by the absence of people and blind windows in sparse buildings that seem accidental to the scenes of empty vacant worlds around Wellington and the still inner life of the land.
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Brent Wong's own website is here.

Brent Wong Prints

Brent Wong Prints
Image Product Name Price Qty  
Brent Wong Print - Caravan

Brent Wong Print 01 - Caravan

Print . Caravan
Print Size: 445 x 568 mm
Brent Wong Print. Waves, Coast, Cloud, Sky

Brent Wong Print 02 - Waves Coast Clouds Sky

Print. Waves, Coast, Cloud, Sky
Printed Image Size: 474 x 540 mm
Brent Wong print. Green Hill, Pink Cloud

Brent Wong Print 03 - Green Hill, Pink Cloud

Print. Green Hill, Pink Cloud
Printed Image Size: 564 x 592 mm
Brent Wong print. Diagram

Brent Wong Print 04 - Diagram

Print. Diagram
Printed Image Size: 586 x 799 mm
Brent Wong print. Interior - Exterior.

Brent Wong Print 05 - Interior Exterior

Print. Interior - Exterior
Printed Image Size: 542 x 722 mm
Brent Wong Print - Landscape and Building

Brent Wong Print 06 - Landscape and Building

Print. Landscape and Building
Printed Image Size: 920 x 568 mm
Brent Wong print. Building with Green Roof

Brent Wong Print 07 - Building with Green Roof

Print. Building with Green Roof
Printed Image Size: 568 x 610 mm
Brent Wong print. View of the Road.

Brent Wong Print 08 - View of the Road

Print. View of the Road
Printed Image Size: 540 x 648 mm
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