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Hazardous Waters
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Hazardous Waters
Barbara Gawith
ISBN: 9781877431661
PB. 256 pp. 220x156. Illus. Mono.

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Hazardous Waters: The enterprising life of the good merchant James Reddy Clendon in early New Zealand
by Barbara Gawith

PB. 256 pp. 220x156. Illus. Mono.
ISBN: 9781877431661

Captain James Reddy Clendon, an ambitious and educated young captain from Kent, sailed to Sydney in 1826. On his return voyage he visited the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, then returned to establish a trading and transport business. It all started well, but hazard was ever present.
Over a few short years violence, ill-luck, accidents, piracy, and theft took its toll. Then, in October 1838, just eighteen months before Hobson arrived, Clendon was appointed the American Consul to look after the needs of US whalers.
In 1840, with the arrival of Hobson, Clendon was involved with the Treaty signing, and then sold his home and business premises at Okiato for New Zealand

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