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The Book of Evan
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The Book of Evan: The work and life of Evan McAra Sherrard
Keith Tudor (Editor)
PB. 448 pp. 230x160. Illus. Mono.

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The Book of Evan: The work and life of Evan McAra Sherrard
Keith Tudor (Editor)

ISBN: 9781877431784
PB. 448 pp. 230x160. Illus. Mono.

This book is a comprehensive and readable collection of papers and reminiscences from a remarkable man, Evan McAra Sherrard (1934-2015), prominent in the psychotherapy world of New Zealand.
During his four vocations -- agriculture, ministry, education, and psychotherapy -- he was instrumental in setting up the Cameron Centre in Dunedin in the 1960s, the Human Development Team within Presbyterian Support Services in Auckland in the late 1970s, and the Psychotherapy Programme at Auckland Institute (now University) of Technology in the late 1980s. More broadly, he was hugely influential in the practice, professions and organisation of transactional analysis, psychodrama, psychotherapy, and counselling in Aotearoa New Zealand. This book, edited by Keith Tudor, Professor of Psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), brings together Evan's mostly unpublished writings in these various fields of interest, together with contributions from some forty people, including his family, who represent the breadth and depth of influence that Evan's work and life had -- and continues to have.

"This book, part biography, part autobiography, provides a window on the many and varied facets of a rich and interesting life. It speaks to confrontations with adversity, challenge and opportunity - and their transformation into accomplishment and achievement. From these and other sources, Evan developed a deep understanding of what it means to be alive, of what is fundamentally important, and how to prepare for death. Above all, it demonstrates the profound and positive ways in which Evan touched the lives of so many others, their families, and wider communities... [an] exceptionally well-crafted book."
Max Abbot, Dean, Faculty of Health & Environmental Sciences, AUT

"Evan's capacity to be himself and to be with others was perhaps his greatest gift to us in the Discipline of Psychotherapy at AUT. This book captures the breadth and depth of Evan's practice, his skill, and his knowledge, thereby offering a resource to those who work or teach in the helping professions. I heartily recommend it."
Margot Solomon, Head, Discipline of Psychotherapy, AUT

"This collection of papers, memories and milestones of Evan's life is an intriguing read. There are parts I remember with joy, and fascinating new things I did not know about him. The book is a very thoughtful way of telling Dad's story, and captures his unique approach to discovery and life. "
Michael Sherrard

"Dad had a great capacity to see the best in people and he held them with love and respect while they worked to find their own goodness. This book is about the capacity that he had, and the people he influenced, in a number of fields of interest over the course of a life well lived."
Susan Sherrard

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