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Inside Dartmoor Prison by Paul DeaconInside Dartmoor Prison Looking Out: A prison officer’s experience
by Paul Deacon

Dartmoor prison in Devon, formally HM Prison Dartmoor, set in the bleak surrounding moors with its ever changing weather, is one of the most notorious prisons in the world. Its grey sombre granite prison wings stand within a stone circle, eerily defiant whether shrouded in pearly fog, rain blurred by a charcoal light, bathed in sunshine, soaked in drizzle, blitzed by screaming squalls or muffled under a mantle of snow.
This book is an account by Paul Deacon of his time as a Prison Officer at Dartmoor Prison over the eleven years from late 1983 to June 1995. It is an endearing account of a very demanding and difficult job, the place and the people he worked with and oversaw. His humour and humanity shines through every page. As he says “there was as much camaraderie and larking about as there was backbiting and bitching. However I never encountered an officer without some sort of humour whether dry, black, dirty or plain silly.”
This book shows the human side of a much maligned profession and should be a must for anyone who is interested in Dartmoor Prison.

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Psych-O-Therapy Aotearoa: New Zealand psychotherapists tell their stories by A. Roy Bowden

Psych-O-Therapy Aotearoa: New Zealand psychotherapists tell their stories
by A. Roy Bowden

This important book takes the reader on a rarely-seen journey into the world of the psychotherapist. The author, Roy Bowden, talked at length with his colleagues, and seventy-six of them shared insights into their personal lives, the way they made decisions to become psychotherapists, the training which informed their practice, and their experiences in the professional environment. Roy is a former president of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists Te Ropu Whakaora Hinengaro (NZAP).

The book contains so much more as well. Its a fascinating read for the professional. 

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Click here for morePluralism in Psychotherapy: Critical Reflections from a Post-regulation Landscape 
by Keith Tudor (Editor)

This book chronicles the history of the moves towards the statutory regulation of psychotherapy and the state registration of psychotherapists in Aotearoa New Zealand.
It includes a critique from indigenous practitioners of such moves and provides a detailed critique of the legislative framework for such regulation and registration. Elucidating the arguments against and for such regulation and registration, it clarifies the distinction between the registration of title and the broader regulation of the profession and practice of psychotherapy and related activities such as supervision and education and training.
It is a thoroughly revised and extended edition of the original book, The Turning Tide.

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Click here for moreThe Book of Evan: The work and life of Evan McAra Sherrard
by Keith Tudor (Editor)

This is a book about Evan McAra Sherrard (1934-2015), and his adventures in and with the human spirit.

Edited by Keith Tudor, Professor of Psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), it brings together Evan's mostly unpublished writings in these various fields of interest, together with contributions from some forty people, including his family, who represent the breadth and depth of influence that Evan's work and life had . and continues to have.

Instrumental in setting up the Cameron Centre in Dunedin in the 1960s, the Human Development Team within Presbyterian Support Services in Auckland in the late 1970s, and the Psychotherapy Programme at Auckland Institute (now University) of Technology in the late 1980s, he was hugely influential in the practice, professions and organisation of transactional analysis, psychodrama, psychotherapy, and counselling in New Zealand.
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Click here for moreSmash Asthma: the wisdom of wheezing
by Dr Peter Parkinson

The author describes his experience with asthmatics and the effect of trauma and the role of adrenaline in this widespread condition. he discusses the role of common asthmatic drugs.
He also describes a set of tools for assessing health and well being to better understand asthma and plot its recovery.
Whether you are an asthmatic, a friend or family member of one, treating an asthmatic, Smash Asthma opens a vital new perspective in the understanding of asthma and the way to potential thriving health. It's an easy and informative must-have read.
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Click here for moreHazardous Waters: The enterprising life of the good merchant James Reddy Clendon in early New Zealand
by Barbara Gawith

This book describes how Clendon arrived in New Zealand late in the 1820s, the hazards of his trading years in the Bay, his activities as the first US Consul in New Zealand, the deal over his home at Okiato and the effect it had on his life, and his work for the new Hobson government.
Fully referenced, this is a fascinating account that adds an understanding of the hazards and trials of being a merchant in the Bay during the 1830s and beyond.
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Click here for moreBrent Wong. Caravan

We have added a series of eight prints from the iconic surrealist painter Brent Wong. Framed, at home or at the office, these arresting prints add New Zealand style to any room.
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